Protecting Your Property from Extensive Hail Storm Damage

Hail storms are some of the worse weather elements that are known to be destructive and whose potency in destruction is second to hurricanes. As we approach fall and winter, you may at some point experience some increased levels of hail storms. In Cleveland, Colorado, hail storms are a quite common occurrence, especially in the last 6 months of the year. They are commonly associated with the destruction of property, especially cars packed in unprotected areas and houses where the roof may sustain considerable damage. Whereas this weather phenomenon cannot be averted, one can only take appropriate precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the adverse aftermath thereof.


Windows are highly vulnerable to hail storm damage, especially when such windows are made of ordinary glass. Whereas there is little that you can do to protect windows from large chunks of ice of considerable strength, there are certain damage-control measures that you can put in place. One of the measures that can suitably prevent windows from being cracked is the installation of wooden or metallic shutters on the outside that help prevent hail storms from directly hitting the delicate glass panes. Another solution thereof is the installation of hail stormproof glass that can sustain the damage.


Roofs are the most affected parts of a house in the event of a hail storm. Hail storms can damage rooftops by a shattering, cracking, or even sometimes poking holes straight through to the inside of the house. Concerning roof hail damage loveland co engineers advice homeowners to undertake preventive roof maintenance in the period before a hail storm. Such maintenance includes, among other things, inspecting the roof for possible weak points that a slight hail storm can damage and replacing such areas or reinforcing them with stronger roofing material. You can also consider replacing the roofing material with more sustainable ones that can withstand hail storms.

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Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoors in the compound can also be subjected to hail storm damage.  One of the major elements of such damage includes the significant damage that trees can sustain. To prepare for a hail storm, you need to ensure that all trees, particularly the taller ones, are appropriately trimmed to keep off branches or twigs that can break off and hit the house. This is because some hail storms can be large enough to knock down trees which when proximal to houses, can lead to a partial collapse. Other delicate plants such as those in the flower or kitchen gardens could also be entirely wiped out and should be protected by an appropriately constructed shade made of wood or metal.

Outdoor Valuables

You should also comb your compound for other valuable items that are exposed and vulnerable to hail storm damage. Items such as bikes, cars, and other outdoor equipment should be scrambled and taken to safe areas such as garages for appropriate storage. Other household equipment and parts such as gutters and exposed drainpipes should be removed to avoid extensive damage. Taking such measures would ensure that you avert making expensive repairs in the period after the hail storm.